At Palazzo del Quirinale you can also drink Apulian wine! ☀

Cantina Sampietrana is increasingly establishing itself on the national market and in fact, with a pleasant surprise, last January 19th our Salento PGI Rosso | Settebraccia, a blend of Negroamaro and Susumaniello grapes, on the occasion of the working breakfast held in honor of the President of the Republic of Paraguay, H.E. Mr. Mario Abdo Benitez.

The Settebraccia, whose imaginative name refers to the image of a small Apulian tree stripped of its leaves, leaving 7 branches of the winter version to count, thus evoking the Salento area, has been the flagship of the historic Cantina Sampietrana since 2013.

The label represents the winery with its simplicity and linearity, bringing back the connection with the territory through a small Apulian tree that tells of the native Negroamaro and Susumaniello vines. In a mix of native and traditional, this wine is one of the maximum expression of the Salento terroir whose grapes are among the oldest in Salento.

Today Cantina Sampietrana, 70 years after its foundation, produces almost a million bottles and has achieved unexpected goals thanks to the team work carried out especially in the last fifteen years, aiming increasingly at quality through careful selection as well as creating its own identity as a leading brand at an international level through distribution in 23 countries around the world, as seen by multiple industry insiders.

Settebraccia has been told very often a “meditation wine”. It is today in the list of wines at the place of our Presindete della Repubblica.  🍷