Love and respect for the territory

Why choose Cantina Sampietrana?

More than half a century of history makes Cantina Sampietrana not only a brand but pure authenticity.

“We have always produced wine directly in our cellar, only from grapes from our vineyards, mostly Apulian” trees “over 50 years old, cared for and cultivated with love and dedication”.


Our philosophy

Cantina Sampietrana implements sustainable practices in the vineyards as company policy, following integrated or biological defense paths as well as the use of alternative energies in the cellar.

“If we respect the environment that surrounds us, the Earth helps us to create our future, it provides us with everything it requires, then it is our duty  to be able to make our dreams come true.”


The harvest

The harvest is not only the moment when the grapes are picked , but much more: a real ritual, of great cultural value, precisely because it represents the concretization of a year’s hard work.

Originally, it was an opportunity to join forces, help each other between relatives and friends in the grape harvest; the conclusion of the “ritual” was the so-called in Salento area “capocanale”, a convivial thanksgiving for the good harvest.

Cantina Sampietrana offers all of those who wish its wine the guarantee of historical experience in the sector that enriches the wise daily work and quality assistance.

The production is taken care of in every detail: from the grape harvest, largely carried out by hand with careful selection and early in the morning, to rapid transfer to the cellar and careful fermentation at controlled temperature, followed strictly processing and selection protocols.

To guarantee high quality standards and certified production certainty, the winery undergoes the strictest quality certifications annually, including the BRC / IFS systems.

VAT Number: 00060070745
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Where we are:

Cantina Sociale Sampietrana
Via Mare, 38
72027 San Pietro Vernotico (Br)

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